Are you looking for a challenge?

The Black Dragon School of Martial Arts is a true martial arts school NOT a fighting sports school. So what’s the difference? A sports fighting school concentrates on fitness and application where as a Martial Arts School teaches the secrets of combat application (Martial) with the discipline and continuous passion/drive towards mastery (Art).

Traditional Chinese Arts

The Black Dragon is a multidisciplinary martial Arts school offering traditional Kung-Fu and Tai Chi styles. The variety of martial styles supply a lifetime of learning so you will never feel bored from learning the same old stuff every lesson and our main styles all have direct lineage to the point of origin to ensure quality knowledge.

Internal and External

Being a school of Chinese martial arts we don’t just kick, punch, push, strike, joint lock, break, shock and takedown we also develop our inner selves with sensitivity training, Chi cultivation, Qi gongs, meditations and more to nourish our souls, heal and attack.