Little Dragons Kung Fu

kids-kung-fuSaturdays 12pm – 3pm
Age: 7 – 16 yrs
Location: Pegasus Gym, Britannia Walk, Aylesbury HP20 1QR

From strong roots grow strong trees.

Little Dragons Kung-Fu instils traditional values of Respect, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, Indomitable Spirit as well as Confidence and Discipline. Martial arts training also teaches children how to learn.

Physical Benefits include Co-ordination, flexibility, cardio vascular fitness, flexibility and core strength.

Little Dragons competing at the 2011 TCUGB

What’s the training like?

Being a junior class the level of discipline exceeds that of the adult class to help teach honourable values that we hope will transfer to home and school life. Whilst we want the juniors to enjoy themselves we adopt a reward through achievement policy of encouragement. As well as physical and mental training we also concentrate on enriching the soul through spiritual self awareness.

How is the sessions structured?

Each Kung Fu Training session is individual. The session starts with warming up and stretching, followed by kick drills.

The second section of the session is devoted to drilling Kung-Fu techniques as a group. The emphasis in this section is to learn all the subtle nuisances and details of the numerous move while building core strength though solid low stance work.

The third section varies between forms (patterns) and Combat training. Form training can include basic weapons (Staff/Bo, Fan) or it may be free hand forms including; Shaolin 5 Animals, Wing Chun, Hong Quan and Child Kung-Fu.

Combat Training for juniors is provided at basic safe levels with protection and in a controlled fashion where students are only permitted to spar once they have demonstrated self control and physical restraint.

At the end of each session basic breathing exercises are used to encourage chi energy development combined with simple meditations. Often a traditional Chinese story is told where the juniors are asked to extrapolate the underlying meanings and metaphors within.

What do I need to bring to my first FREE Lesson?

Tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt, and light weight trainers are ideal.

Recent accolade for little dragons:

Luna, Will and Emily at the International competition for Traditional Tai Chi Chuan 2023

Harry’s Award Seni 2010 National Championship

harry award 2 seni 10 thumb

Presented by Master Wu Bin world-renowned WuShu Coach in China.  His students include movie star Jet Li and other renowned practitioners