Black Dragon Kung-Fu & Wing Chun

kung-fu-classSaturday 3pm – 4.30pm
Location: Pegasus Gym, 2 Britannia Walk, Aylesbury HP20 1QR

The Black Dragon School of Martial Arts

A multi discipline Chinese Martial Arts School specialising primarily in Southern Style Chinese Kung-Fu our curriculum covers.

What Styles of Kung Fu do you teach?

Shaolin 5 Animals Kung FU (Dragon, Tiger, Leopard, Snake, Crane) Traditional foundation Kung Fu developed by the Shaolin warrior monks to promote core strength and superior fighting ability.

Wing Chun Kung FU (GrandMaster Yip Man Lineage) In comparison to Shaolin Kung Fu Wing Chun is a relatively recent addition to the Kung Fu family and styles. Wing Chun is a highly effective close range fighting discipline created to defend oneself against skilled fighters of numerous different styles of martial arts combat. This combat system develops unique sensitivity training enabling the combatant to fight blind folded using touch alone.

What’s the training like?

Vary unusual- yes it has the discipline expected in a martial art but a friendly family like atmosphere is also present. Music and incense is used to enhance the experience.

How is the sessions structured?

Each Kung Fu Training session is individual. The session starts with 20minute warming up and stretching, followed by kick drills.

The second section of the session is devoted to drilling Kung-Fu techniques as a group. The emphasis in this section is to learn all the subtle nuisances and details of the numerous move while building core strength though solid low stance work.

The third section varies between forms (patterns) and Combat training. Form training can include weapons training (Staff/Bo, Straight/Broad/Twin Sword, Spear, Guan-Do and more) or it may be free hand forms including (Shaolin 5 animals, Dragon, Bau Gua, Chou Lie Fut, Hong Quan, Wing Chun and More..

Combat Training varies between applications of take down moves, joint locks and combat manoeuvres or free sparring.

At the end of each training sessions Chi Gong is practised with standing meditations to clean channels and harness or release Chi energy.

What do I need to bring to my first FREE Lesson?

Tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt, and light weight trainers are ideal.