Kung Fu Lineage

The main style of Kung Fu being taught at the Black Dragon School of Martial Arts is Chinese Southern Style 5 Animals Kung Fu.

Shifu Clive Spring’s Kung Fu knowledge spans many styles and disciplines.  Here we are going to look at a small biography of some of the Kung Fu Masters and Shifu’s who have passed knowledge directly to the Black Dragon Shifu Clive Spring:

Lee Cheng – Southern Style Dragon Kung Fu and Wing Chun.

Brian Desir – Ip Man Wing Chun Athletic Association Hong Kong – UK.

David McKenzie – The Wing Chun School London.

Shi Heng Xuan – 35th generation Shaolin Monk Shaolin kung Fu.

Sifu Julian Dale – Lau Fat Mang World Eagle Claw Kung Fu Institute – senior student to Master Gini Lau.

Wayne Husband – Lau Family Hong Gar Family Tiger Style Kung Fu.

Shifu Zhe – Eight Dragon Society, Amitoufu Oxford .

Miss Al – BUTF Tae-kwon-do Federation.