Effective Hands Seminar by Brian Desir

Esteemed Wing Chun Practioner and close friend of Sifu Clive, Brian Desir has once again hournered the Black Dragon by giving the students a high quality Wing Chun seminar and demonstartion.

During the seminar he talked and instructed on the finner points of Ip Chun’s teaching and power development.
Originally a boxing student Brian discovered Wing Chun whilst studying under Master Goh.

In 1989, Brian met Master Samuel Kwok and Grandmaster Yip Chun. The system taught by Master Kwok was somewhat different from that of Master Goh and Brian began learning the entire system again. From Master Goh, Brian had gained his strength and fighting ability as well as learning how to use many weapons. Sifu Kwok taught Brian the finer points of the system in its traditional form as taught by the late Great Grandmaster Yip Man, (teacher of Bruce Lee).

Since then Brian has travelled all over the Far East studying many other martial arts styles to increase his knowledge of the martial arts. The arts Sifu Brian has studied include Chinese Boxing, Iaido (Japanese way of the sword), Mogendo Boxing and Thai Boxing, which he studied in Bangkok.

Drain has realeased a series of instructional books and DVD’s covering many aspects of Wing Chun including Combat and wooden dummy training.

Visit the East Anglia Wing Chun Athletic for more information or to purchase some of Brians informative Books or DVD’s