Grandmaster Kongjie Gou

Good evening Black Dragon family. As you may or not know our beloved grandmaster Kongjie Gou has sadly passed away. Many of you have trained with him, many of you called him friend. It is a truly sad time for everybody.

Please try to take a moment to remember grandmaster. Think of a happy memory that made you smile or a time when he helped you most. As long as we remember his teachings and carry on the Chen legacy grandmaster’s memory and teachings will always live on in us.

We received a message from Grandmaster’s representatives ;

Good Morning Everyone

It is with a very, very heavy heart that I write this email to you all today.

In the early hours of yesterday morning, our teacher, guide and friend, Master Gou Kongjie, passed away.

As you may know he had been extremely ill over the Christmas period fighting Pneumonia and a collapsed lung, which he pulled through enough to be able to go home. He was in good humour and energy slowly increasing, each day expressing that he would be back teaching within weeks, practising Tai Chi to make himself strong. However this was not meant to be, and after some complications during last week he was re-admitted to hospital, where from his indomitable spirit took its leave…

Master Gou was very patient, accepting and kind; always teaching with a smile on his face. The practise of Tai Chi meant the world to him, shown through his exstensive knowledge and over 50 years in the learning, teaching and development of Martial Arts. Each and every one of us will have our own story of the journey taken with him.

…Master Gou, each of us is forever thankful, you will be sorely missed…

Classes continue!

Needless to say many of you will feel a little lost and also unsure of what happens with your classes next.

Thankfully the wonderful team of students that have been taking care of you recently, have agreed to continue the classes for the time being. Then once Helen (Master Gou’s wife) is ready, she will take over the sessions permenantly.